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posture development, teacher training with Dev Kapil, Ky Ha and Tereza Bonnet-Šenková, progressive class and hands-on yoga classes


Progressive Hatha Yoga

A posture development and teacher training programme run by Dev Kapil, Tereza Bonnet-Šenková, and Ky Ha. Our yoga program will bring your practice to another level and help you understand and deepen more than 84 classical postures and their variations. You will learn to teach a Progressive Hatha Yoga Class and to give hands-on adjustments.

The curriculum includes: asana, pranayamas, kriyas, mudras, meditation, posture clinics, hands-on adjustment, philosophy, yoga nidra and anatomy.

In Antibes

Our goal is to offer new and existing Hot / Bikram Yoga studios a complementary and more advanced product to reinvent the Hot and Bikram Yoga studio model. We wish to inspire, improve, and help students grow and motivate them to come back and learn more.

Progressive Hatha Yoga

Our Products

Progressive Class & Private Hands-on Yoga Class

Our Progressive class is a 90 minute hot class for all students, practicing beginners or those who have taken any Hatha yoga classes for at least 6 months and are interested in improving their yoga practice.

This class is a bridge for students interested in advanced classes and is suitable for all levels. Inversions will be taught in detail and special attention will be paid to them in both posture development and teacher training.

A progressive class is currently missing in Hot and Bikram Yoga studio schedules and should be added as complementary higher-level difficulty class to the regular beginners’ classes.

Progressive Hatha Yoga classes are taught (not led) by Progressive Hatha Yoga certified teachers who have completed both parts (A&B) of our program. Progressive Hatha Yoga certified teachers also will learn how to teach private yoga classes according to the student’s needs, with the training they receive from learning hands-on adjustments.

Posture Development
Part A — Thailand, 6-27 November 2018
Posture Development Program
part b
Part B — Antibes, France April 2019     
Teacher Training

Tuition and Fees

Part A: Posture Development Program

Early bird price of $3199 if you register before July 30 2018
  • Price is in USD
  • 21 days
  • Food and Lodging not included
  • Thailand
  • 6-27 November 2018

Part B: Progressive Class Teacher Training

Register for part B within six months of completing of part A, and receive a $1000 discount (final price $2999)
  • Price is in USD
  • 21 Days
  • Food and Lodging not included
  • Antibes France
  • April 2019